Our Industries

Insurance Brokers To Many Industries

As general insurance brokers, we arrange cover for all types of businesses.
We have specific knowledge, experience and expertise in some industries and for those we utilise our specialist divisions


The world of manufacturing is endless with countless types of products being produced for all facets of our society. Manufacturers face a wide range of exposures in their businesses, from the obvious property risks through to complex liabilities and contractual obligations. MMSE are experts in arranging cover for manufacturers and can make sense of the myriad of complexities that come with being a product maker.

Printing & Signage

As technology becomes more advanced and traditional businesses expanding their capabilities, the Printing and Sign Making fields have become increasingly difficult to find cover for within the mainstream insurance companies. With extensive experience in these types of businesses, MMSE has the expertise to guide you to the right markets and find the cover your business needs.


Risks associated with warehousing are predominantly property based, however, there are a range of other risks that can be overlooked when it comes to warehousing activities. From logistics to the financial losses associated with loss or damage to customers goods, there are many ways MMSE can help structure an insurance program to mitigate many of those exposures.

Franchises & National Groups

Franchise systems and national groups can face a unique business environment in comparison to a stand-alone business. Competing interests of its members, being classified as a Group Purchasing Body by ASIC and adherence to the onerous responsibilities imposed by the various Franchising regulations are just some of the considerations groups can face. Dealing with these matters in light of having a unified insurance option for the group can be difficult and requires expert level advice and experience from your broker. MMSE have a proven track record with Franchise and National Groups and are able to assist in tailoring options that suit the type of business you are.

Professional Services

Professional services can involve many types of occupations. How services are charged for, the type of work undertaken and the qualifications needed to do the work can all play a part in determining whether you have an exposure to professional indemnity related risks. MMSE work with professionals of all types including Consulting, Legal, Accounting, Engineering, Drafting, Financial Services and I.T companies and have years of experience putting together insurance programs for the protection of our professional clients.

Mobile Plant & Equipment

Mobile Plant and Equipment comes in a huge range of shapes and sizes and inevitably a range of different risks. Equipment such as excavators, skid steer loaders, elevated work platforms, aerial access equipment and cranes all have varying degrees of risk and need specific types of cover. Risks such as dry hiring your equipment, breakdowns or hiring a substitute machine can be tough for businesses to manage, so it’s important to know your options. MMSE deals with mobile plant and equipment for many different industries and can help guide you to the specialty insurers that can help protect your business.


Whether it is a multinational business, medium sized enterprise or publicly listed company, MMSE have the means to guide corporations through the complex world of insurance. With the leverage and strength of the McLardy McShane group, MMSE can negotiate your needs with the panel of local and international insurers. 

Transport & Logistics

Transport and Logistics Operators can often find it difficult to navigate the insurance requirements where the supply chains involve multiple layers of responsibilities and parties. With many years of experience within the transport and logistics industry, MMSE can guide you through these issues and help protect your business as best as possible.

Promotional and Marketing

The promotional product and marketing industry can generally help source, brand and market a range of promotional products. Doing so comes with a range of associated risks, particularly where products are imported from overseas. With many years experience in protecting this industry, MMSE can help you make sense of what risks may need to be considered.

Commercial Landlords

Many people own a commercial property as part of an investment strategy or superannuation fund. Quite often the investment is a “set and forget” asset and have long periods of time elapse between looking at the finer details of the property. With such a diverse range of potential tenant activities and risk, protecting your asset couldn’t be anymore important. MMSE have access to a range of exclusive facilities that can help secure your assets for the future.


No matter your product, how you transact or where you operate from, the retail risks can be quite unique. From burglaries and property exposures to product liabilities, MMSE have experience in advising a broad range of retail clients.

Civil Contractors

Civil Engineers and Contractors have many obligations to deliver safe and viable infrastructure to the wider community. Their projects can be tied into major civil projects or government initiatives which can attract significant liability exposures that need careful consideration and planning. MMSE have the expertise and experience to provide sound advice and risk management solutions to this industry and can help with the full range of insurances that are typically required including Professional Indemnity, Public and Products Liability, Contract Works and Plant and Equipment cover.

Adventure & Sports

The adventure, sports, and outdoor amusements industry is a difficult market to navigate. Onerous safety obligations, maintenance procedures and protocols are just some of the factors businesses must consider.  MMSE have experience in this niche market and have the expertise to help secure terms from a range of liability markets.


The I.T industry is one of, if not the fastest changing industries our world knows. With technological advances, new capabilities and more powerful computing solutions becoming more accessible, the exploding technology industry has an ever-evolving set of risks. Data security, strict privacy laws, cyber hacking and online business interruptions can all intertwine themselves into almost every type of business and MMSE have a deep understanding of the I.T insurance products that are available to protect you.

Engineering & Fabrication

Structural engineers, general fabricators, sheet metal workers, metal finishers, suppliers and installers all have their own individual scope of exposures and all need different levels of cover and protection. MMSE have many years of experience arranging cover for this industry and will help develop an insurance program that suits your business. 

Farms and Agriculture

With regional ties all over Australia, farming and agriculture goes hand in hand with the wider McLardy McShane brand. MMSE have the expertise to help with all types of agricultural activities including hobby farms, vineyards, cattle stations, dairy farms, fruit and vegetable growers, meat processors, poultry farms and many more.

Trades & Builders

Builders and the trades that supply them can have many onsite risks and contractual obligations. MMSE works with construction and trade businesses from small contractors to large multinational construction companies to help make sense of your obligations and make sure you’re aware of the exposures your business faces each day. With strong relationships with the specialty building and trade insurers, we are well positioned to help you build a strong insurance program around your needs.

Equipment Hire

When hiring out expensive equipment there aren’t many ways you can guarantee they’ll care for it as you would yourself. Luckily, there’s protection available that can help ease the financial exposure you face when hiring your assets. MMSE have helped structure indemnity clauses and placed cover for equipment hire operations right across Australia.