Our Process

New Client Process

Getting To Know Your Business

Getting to know you and how your business operates is the most important step in making sure your insurance is just the right fit. Understanding all the different aspects of your operation and chatting about how you do what it is you do is essential in making sure we give you measured and considered advice.

Identifying The Risks

Once we understand your business, we will have a good idea of the types of risks you could face. Risks can come in all shapes and sizes from the obvious through to the subtle. As brokers we are trained to identify and explain them, highlight their potential impact and assess how likely they are to occur.


By now we will have an idea what risks should be transferred to an insurer, ones you can manage yourself and any risks that are uninsurable. It’s at this stage we will give you our recommendations on what cover to consider and some of the possible policy types available.

Go To Market

We will organise to market your account to the panel of suitable insurers. This part of the process requires strategy and experience and the outcomes can be substantially different depending on how your account is presented. The right cover isn’t likely to be an “off the shelf” policy and an experienced broker will ensure the policies presented are compatible and suited to your business to down to the last detail.

Present Your Options

Once we have considered the feedback from all the different markets, we’ll present you the different options. Depending on the insurer, type of policy and your industry type there are always going to be differences in price and quality of cover. We will explain these so you can make balanced decisions on how to proceed.

Place Cover

Once you have had the chance to consider the options, we will arrange to place your covers with the insurers. As a client of MMSE, we will continue to build our working relationship in hope to create a strong and lasting partnership.